Your arms are relaxed, your legs are relaxed, and your even breathing gives you a feeling of calmness and releases stress.\

Pull your stomach in up until your diaphragm feels the pressure.  Now… slowly relax… slowly.  Feel the tension ease.    
Pull your shoulders up to your ears.  Feel the tension in your back and chest. 
Let your shoulders relax.  You are feeling good.  
Your heartbeat is easy and restful.  Tilt your head backward as far as you can.  Stretch the muscles.  Feel the tension.  Now… slowly… roll your head in a complete circle…stopping at the very bottom.  Feel the tension on the back of your neck.  Allow it to stretch gently.  Now relax.  Let the tension go. Feel the tension go.  Repeat one more time. Wrinkle your forehead.  Hold it.  Feel the tension.  Now, relax.  Feel the tension go.  Squint your eyes as tight as you can.  Hold it.  Now… relax.
Pucker your lips…hold…relax…make a face using all of your face muscles.  Hold it.  Now relax… slowly… let it go.  Your arms are relaxed… your breathing is easy and you feel good all over.

In a perfect state of relaxation you are unwilling to move a single muscle in your body.  All you feel is peaceful, quiet, and relaxed. Continue to relax. When you want to get up, count backward from four to one. You will feel relaxed and refreshed, wide-awake, and calm.

You Should Know

Try using both of these exercises together for a double-dose of relaxation. Try adding some lavender scent to the air

(aromatherapy) and soft, soothing sounds to your ears. With this approach, your senses will be lulled into a peaceful rest and you’ll be sawing logs in no time!

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